Индивидуальный проект "WE ARE WHAT WE EAT"

Федорович Валерия Олеговна
Пильщикова Владислава Федоровна
МБОУ СОШ №15 имени пяти героев Советского Союза г. Хабаровск

В ученическом исследовательском проекте по иностранному языку на тему "WE ARE WHAT WE EAT" автором была поставлена цель, наглядно показать как питание влияет на наше самочувствие, заставить людей думать о своем здоровье и о том, что они едят. Учащаяся школы хочет доказать, что мы то, что мы едим.

Подробнее о проекте:

Индивидуальная исследовательская работа по иностранному языку на тему "WE ARE WHAT WE EAT" содержит описание полезных свойств продукции, а также анализ теоретической и статистической информации о самых толстых и самых стройных нациях в мире. В работе подробно объясняется и подтверждается авторитетными научными исследованиями, почему мы толстеем и как с этим бороться?

За время работы над проектом по иностранному языку "WE ARE WHAT WE EAT" было проведено исследование, почему мы едим много фаст-фуда, рассмотрен вопрос о том, быть или не быть вегетарианцем. Также в рамках проекта был проведен опрос учащихся школы для того, чтобы определить, насколько правильное питание распространено среди школьников.


1. The aim, tasks and the hypothesis
2. Useful properties of products
3. The fattest and the slimmest nations
4. Why do we get fat and how to deal with it?
5. Why do we eat lots of fast-food?
6. To be or not to be a vegetarian?
7. Conducted survey and conclusion.
8. Right diet for school children.
List of used literature


Health is the most important thing in our life, so we should take care of it and, of course, take care of ourselves. Wecan’tbuy health it isn’t for sale.

Unfortunately, nowadays few people pay attention to their health, so people have lots of bad health habits. They arephysically inactive, sleep too little or too much, don’t wash their hands before meals, don’t visit a doctor.

Also I want to say, that in the modern world teenagers eat a lot of sweets, snack, drink alcohol and energy drinks.  Adults eat more fast-food than healthy home-made food.

Because of thesebad habits and unhealthy diet different diseases appear, people die.

I like eating sweets and fast-food, but I try to eat less of it. Of course, I have tasted alcohol, but I don’t drink it. I haven’t tasted energy drinks and I don’t want to.

Every day I have breakfast and dinner with healthy home-made food. Only during classes or after school I have a snack. I want to be healthy and every day I try to take care of myself and my health.

When I was 7years old, I dreamed of being a doctor. I wanted to become a dietitian, help people with stomach diseases, make the useful diet for them. Now I am 15 and I want to be an engineer. Of course, desire to help people with digestive problems has not disappeared, so I will keep track of what my family and I eat.

I want my project to make people think about their health and what they eat. I want to prove that we are what we eat.

The aim:
Prove that right diet is the way to high-quality and long life.


  1. Discover the useful properties of products
  2. Conduct the survey among students
  3. Decide to be or not to be a vegetarian
  4. Make a diet for school children

The hypothesis: Do we eat to live?

  • Useful properties of products
  • Do you know that…?
  • Green tea protects your teeth
  • Chocolate and bananas are great for your nervous
  • Milk makes your bones strong
  • Carrot and blue berry are good for your eyes
  • Herbs and grapefruit help to lose weight, but stay strong and flexible without diet or exercises
  • Garlic helps to prevent colds
  • Ginger is good for digestion
  • Almonds are the best nuts for overweight
  • Salmon is necessary for memory
  • The fattest and the slimmest nations

The slimmest nation

Three out of hundred people are overweight in Japan. It is an excellent indicator. Japan is the slimmest nation in the world, thanks to the Japanese national food.

They eat vegetables and seafood. Another important point is the small portion size.

Scientistsclaim that the body of Japanese has the enzyme which allows them to digest algae. This enzyme also allows them to take necessary trace elements and protein from them.

The fattest nation

It is amazing that it isn’t the USA. The fattest people on the planet live in Nauru – it is a small island in the South of Pacific Ocean.

Almost 95 per cent of population is overweight. The fact is that 90 per cent of territory of this country isn’t suitable for plowing so in Nauru there is practically no food industry.

All this forces the state to import processed and sugar-rich food.

Why do we get fat and how to deal with it?

We live in the era of fast-food culture. We are always in a hurry. We have no time to relax and enjoy a meal. We want to eat now and we want to eat fast.

Every day a new McDonald’s restaurant opens somewhere on our planet. Soon American food will take over the whole world.

Another reason is lack of exercise. We spend too much time in front of our computers and TV – sets. We walk less, because we prefer to use cars or public transport. Yes, many people nowadays are exercise crazy, they spend hours in gym – and then they rush to have a good snack!

What is tasty isn’t always healthy.

Doctors say that chips and pizzas are fattening, Coca-Cola spoils our teeth, coffee shortens our lives.

If you go on eating too much, you will become obese, and obesity leads to heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Some scientists believe that food influences not only our bodies but our spirits as well.

Foods with lots of additives, fat or sugar can make you violent and anti-social. Natural foods like fresh fruit and vegetables which contain lots of vitamins and minerals can make you more intelligent, optimistic and energetic.

So think twice before you start eating.

Also I want to add if you don’t want to be an obese person you should follow some similar rules: keep to a healthy diet, do morning exercises every day and, of course, be active and lively.  

Why do we eat lots of fast-food?


  1. Attractive advertisements;
  2. We want to eat fast and fast-food helps us to do it;
  3. Fast-food is very tasty;
  4. Fast- food isn’t expensive;
  5. A lack of time;
  6. It is a laziness to go grocery shopping and cook.

There are a lot of temptations for people in the modern world. Cafes which sell fast-food, have become places for meeting and rest. But you shouldn’t eat lots of this harmful food, because effects can only bring you harm.

To be or not to be a vegetarian?

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Vegetarians look younger and have a longer life than people, who eat meat.
2. Vegetarians are stable and balanced.
3. With a vegetarian diet human body receives vitamin C, fiber and folic acid.
4. It is easier for vegetarians to maintain a weight level than for people, who eat animal products.
1.  A vegetarian diet lacks
vitamin B12, which is
important for brain and
nervous system.
2.  Also a vegetarian diet lacks
vitamin D, which improves
growth and development of a
child and which supports the
condition of hair, nails and
teeth of adults.
3. Plant-based food don’t have
omega 3, which is also
important for health.

To be or not to be a vegetarian is up to us. Each person has his own opinion on this question.

I don’t know how it is in other countries, but scientists claim that in the far East people, who eat animal food are healthier than vegetarians. Because of the climate and temperature differences, people, who live in the far East must eat meat and fish.

I believe that if your appearance is important for you then you can safely become a vegetarian. But if your health is important for you than I advise you to eat animal food.

I can’t live without meat. Every day I eat animal food. My dinner and lunch must contain meat. Only for breakfast I can eat something sweet, such as porridge or pie. All my family members eat meat, and we don’t want to give it up.

Conducted survey andconclusion

Questions Yes No 50/50 or sometimes
1. Have you got breakfast in the morning? 45 16 0
2. Do you snack between meals? 38 24 0
3. Do you play sports? 56 4 2
4. Do you eat a lot of fast-food? 26 32 4
5. When you eat, do you sit in front of your computer? 37 23 2
6. Do you prefer meat or vegetables? 41 5 16

I conducted the survey among 62 students. On average 4 of them had difficulty to answer some questions, so I allowed them to answer 50/50 or sometimes.

Based on the results of this survey, I realized that school children try to keep healthy lifestyle, but it isn’t easy.

For example, students forced to have a snack between meals, because of huge number of lessons and additional classes. But the good news is that almost allof the students play sports.

I want to say, that it isn’t easy to be healthy, but everybody tries to be strong, beautiful, smart, lively and, of course, healthy.

So try, try, try and you will have success!

Right diet for school children

School children have to eat...

On breakfast:

  1. fresh vegetable salad,
  2. omelet with carrots,
  3. tea or hot milk,
  4. bread with cheese and butter

On lunch:

  1. fish soup with vegetables,
  2. meat chops and stew potatoes,
  3. fruit juice.

On dinner:

  • cheesecake with cottage cheese,
  • berry compote,
  • nuts.

On supper:

  • buckwheat or rice porridge,
  • salad,
  • bread,
  • milk with honey.

You should know that it is necessary for students…

  1. To observe the time of meals;
  2. To eat 4 or 5 times a day;
  3. The diet should be balanced;
  4. To eat slowly and calmly.

If you want to be healthy, you should to:

  1. Keep to a healthy diet;
  2. Eat fruit and vegetables;
  3. Wash your hands before meals;
  4. Visit a doctor
  5. Go for a walk;
  6. Play sports;
  7. Do morning exercises every day;
  8. Clean your teeth;
  9. Be active and lively.


To sum up myproject work I want to say, that being a healthy person, of course,isn’t easy. It demands us lots of efforts and time. So I prepare for you the lists with some advice how to be healthy and what we should eat.

To eat healthy and homemade food, take care about ourselves, do physical exercises, be positive and energetic – there are habits of a healthy person.

Not everyone can care of himself, because it is a hard job. Especially, now, when we have so little time just to sit down and enjoy your meal or do exercises in the morning.

We are always in a hurry somewhere, trying to do everything, while at the same time forgetting about ourselves. It is important not to make these mistakes.

For example, if you have tired and sleepy appearance, are overweight, violent and anti-social, people can think, that you are lazy, don’t want to take care of yourself and even don’t try to fight with your health problems.

So when we see such a person, we can say, what lifestyle he has and what he eats. This example proves, that only we can decide how to live and what kind of lifestyle to lead.

So we can say, that we are what we eat.

List of used literature


1. «Hot issues»


1. «English» - student’s and activity books by V.P. Kuzovlev

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