Достопримечательности Великобритании

1. Main Parts of G.B.
2. Geographical Outlook
3. Political Outlook
4. The British Ways of Life
5. England
6. Scotland
7. Wales
8. Northern Ireland

1. Main parts of G.B.
1. What is the largest part of the UK?
2. What part of Great Britain borders on the Independent Irish Republic on land?
3. What is the capital of Wales?
4. What are the regions of England?
5. What parts is Scotland divided into?

2. Geographical
1. What parts does the United Kingdom consist of?
2. What is between GB and Ireland?
3. Where is the UK situated?
4. What is the UK washed by in the north?
5. What dover do we usually call narrowest part of the English Channel?

3. Political Outlook
1.How many members are there in the House of Commons?
2.Whom doesthe power in the country belong to?
3. Why is the House of Lords considered to be a very important body?
4. How often do the British people elect the members of the House of Commons?
5. Who is the Head of State in Great Britain?

4. The British Ways of Life
1. What is the favourite topic to discuss in Great Britain?
2. What pets are the special animals in Great Britain?
3. When do people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day?
4. Where can you see ravens in London?
5. Why do the ravens live in the Tower of London?

5. England
1. What region is known as the “garden of England”?
2. What is the largest industrial part of England?
3. Where is the most westerly point of Great Britain called “Land’s End”?
4. What are the regions of England?
5. What English cities are famous for their universities?

6. Scotland
1. What cities are the two great centres of Scotland?
2. What show takes place five or six nights a week in August and September every year in Edinburgh?
3. What are the two most interesting parts of Edinburgh?
4. What plant is the symbol of Scotland?
5. What parts is Scotland divided into?

7. Wales
1. What is the capital of Wales?
2. What languages are spoken in Wales?
3. The second highest mountain in Britain is situated in Wales. What is its name?
4. When do the Welsh people celebrate St. David’s Day?
5. How many people live in Wales?

8. Northern Ireland
1. What country does Northern Irland border on?
2. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
3. What is Northern Ireland washed by?
4. What is the nationality of people who were born in Northern Ireland?
5. What island is Northern Ireland situated on?

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